Plan with Me–August Month at a Glance

KP August 2

Hello and welcome back!

How do you organize your month at a glance?  Do you decorate?  Do you just fill in the necessary appointments?  Do you skip the monthly and strictly use the daily?  These are all questions I get asked or have seen asked.  Here I will tell you how I use a month at a glance.

My planner is the second book most important to me.  It keeps my tasks and life organized.  I personally use it as just that.

So here I wrote down my important dates then decorated around it.  I love using light colored stamps to decorate because then, if I need to write over it, I can do so and it wouldn’t be hard to read.

The Kelly Purkey Shop stamps I used here were:
Stay Cool-Sprinkles, Triangles, Dots
Under the Weather-Doctor

I also used these products:

Scraptistic Club Washi Stickers
Mommy Lhey Pineapple die cut 

What I love about my month at a glance is that I can turn to this page and see what’s happening at a glance.  I can see when I am most busy and when I can make more room.  All while making it beautiful (most of the time).

Thanks for stopping by today.  Be CREATIVE and stay motivated.  Have a super day!!


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