Plan with Me–Week 26

KP June 4

Hello again Friends!  I hope you are all well!  Another month has gone by and I have another layout to show you.  Keeping my planner fun and functional are some ways that keep me motivated to use my planner.  But since summer has gotten the best of me, my planner has been (a little bit) neglected.  I’m just really enjoying my kids and the summer sun.  Who’s with me on that?

Well, what I did for week twenty six was, I used Felicity Jane Chloe paper to add borders and circle punched 7 pieces of light decorative paper.  Then I stamped each day of the week on it using my Kelly Purkey My Day stamp set.  I used black and white striped washi stickers from Felicity Jane and Scraptastic Club stickers.  Then I added my trusty washi tape to decorate and section off my days.  And that was about it.

I love how you can really create and try anything in your planner because it’s all a creative process and most importantly, it’s your style.  I hope you enjoyed this my friends.  Until next time, happy planning and stamping!


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