Memory Keeping–Beach Park, IL

KP May 2

Welcome back my Friends!

At the end of May, my family and I visited Beach Park, IL.  I was able to capture some fun memories of my family by the beach.   I snapped a photo of them running and enjoying the shoreline.  These are my favorite kinds of pictures.  I knew I had to print this out and make it a memory.  Since this photo was a 5×5, it was too big for one page so I angled it and cut it so the whole picture would fit.  I added some alpha stickers from Felicity Jane and used the He Says She Says stamp from Kelly Purkey Shop to add in the date, location, and time.  The trick I did here was, I only inked this part because the actual stamp is much larger.

To decorate the page, I used these Kelly Purkey Stamps:
Family-Tribe Set
These precious memories-Tribe Set
I want to remember it all-Tribe Set
Heart logo-Tribe Set

I then wrote our memory on the right page.  I have always hated my handwriting but I realized that this is what makes a memory special, when you personalize it.  When my kids look back at this, they can always have my handwriting to remember me by.

KP May

The next page was also fun to make.  It was a continuation of Beach Park.  I used a picture of our feet in the sand (also one of my favorite kinds of pictures).

To decorate the page, I used these Kelly Purkey Stamps:
Tribe-Tribe Set
Flowers-In Bloom Set

I wrote a blurb on the side and recorded the place on the bottom.  I used the Felcity Jane alphas again to finish off the page.

I hope you also find some time to document your precious memories.  It’s always a fun process and you get to relive those precious moments again.




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