Memory Keeping Minnesota Edition

Kelly Purkey 2,3

Have you ever wanted to start a project and just kept holding if off?  Or started and never going back to it again?  For the longest time I wanted to start Project Life.  I was so sure I was going to.  I purchased the kits that I loved and had millions of pictures to use.  But as much as I LOVE the idea of scrapbooking, I get overwhelmed by the big layouts.  I had to do something with my pictures.  I knew I had to document my pictures and memories somehow.

So I had my traveler type notebooks just sitting empty on my shelf and I thought I would start using them to document my life.  The ones I am starting with are the Michael’s Recollections brand inserts.  They are small, portable, and at 8 inches high and 4.5 inches wide, they are perfect and not so overwhelming. 

Since I am part of the Kelly Purkey Creative Team I was given the March stamp sets including the Spring Break set designed by Christine Herrin.

So what you see here is the first layout of my documented life page.  Since my family and I traveled to Minnesota for some shopping, a convention, and just to get away, I took pictures as I always do.  

Kelly Purkey March 2,1

I had a great idea that came to mind.  I wanted to cut out the State of Minnesota and Wisconsin as the focal points of my page.  I googled the states, hand drew them in pencil and cut them out.

I took out the “My Favorite Escape” stock card from the Spring Break set and layered the states on top of it.  I also cut out a small red stock card and placed it above Minnesota.  I used my circle punch to cut out “vacation mode” from one of the small stock cards.  I layered some cardstock under that, decorated with washi tape, date stamped the bottom of the page and moved onto stamping using the road trip stamp.  Since the state of Minnesota stands out, I wanted to use the alpha letters from the Mulberry set to make it the focal point.  I added the gimme a break stamp between the states and called it good.

Kelly Purkey March 2,2

One thing you can do when using acrylic stamps is you can cut them and use the parts you need.  In this case I just inked “click” and left out the camera.  Then stamped inside the box.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas or inspired you to start documenting your life. 

Thanks for stopping by and if you haven’t already ordered these fun stamps you can do so here

Happy Stamping!! 

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